Wood waste recovery

The recovery, separation and recycling of both household and industrial waste has become an increasingly important part of the economy. Recycling waste means transforming it into new raw materials ready to be used in several manufacturing processes. This allows to reduce the environmental impact of companies by actually transforming waste into a resource.
The recovery of wood waste is a key part of the services provided by Il Truciolo, which consist in the recovery and management of a wide range of types of waste. In fact, the Como-based company is engaged in the recovery and transformation of wood waste into raw materials for particle boards and combustible biomass. The latter is useful for supplying power plants and is considered a renewable material according to current legislation. Our company recovers and recycles all types of wood waste or packaging material, such as those obtained from waste sorting, cases, pallets, reels and crates used by a vriety of businesses and by large-scale distribution. In this way wood is recovered and can find new life as raw material or fuel.

recupero scarti legno

For the recovery of wood waste, Il Truciolo can rely on a fleet of machines equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for the management, transport and disposal or recycling of waste. Wood is a very precious material from an environmental point of view and one of Il Truciolo’s goals is to give it a second lease of life as a wide range of products, such as particle boards or plywood and biofuel. The company also has an environment office which deals with all the legal regulations concerning recycling and recovery of wood waste. In this way, Il Truciolo always stays up-to-date with the latest environmental legislation and is prepared to provide consultancy or assistance services to its customers on environmental matters and legislative compliance regarding the disposal and recycling of all types of waste, as well as of wood processing residues.


Thanks to the ongoing professional updating of the staff, the highly specialised expertise of operators and the efficiency of the used vehicles, Il Truciolo is a company at the forefront in every field of recycling and recovery of wood waste, able to develop solutions suitable to all the requirements of any type of customer. The Truciolo is also part of Rilegno, the National Consortium for the collection, recovery and recycling of wood packaging that aims to achieve the objectives set by law for the recovery and recycling of wood packaging of whatever origin. Membership in this consortium demonstrates the company’s continuous commitment to maintaining the highest quality and service standards.

Il Truciolo, based in Como, provides its wood waste recovery services in neighbouring provinces as well. Over the years the company has also developed a national approach, extending its services to the rest of the Italian territory.

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