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Il Truciolo division

Il Truciolo division

Il Truciolo division

Company History

Thanks to its companies operating in the national territory since 1989, il Truciolo Group is a leader in the field of recovery and transformation of industrial waste, offering qualified services tailored to meet customer requirements. The Companies of the group have successfully interpreted the needs of a constantly evolving market, whilst safeguarding the environmental aspects and making recoverable scrap a fully and continuously renewable source.

Market sectors

Wood recycling means treating raw material correctly and reducing the environmental impact of wood waste disposed in landfills.

Recovery differs from disposal because the ultimate objective of recovery is to give new life to industrial waste.

The recovery of metal allows saving on the purchase of new raw materials whilst, just as importantly, respecting the environment.

The interest in the use of wood waste in biomass combustion plants to produce energy and heat is becoming increasingly widespread.

Il noleggio dei macchinari industriali per la movimentazione ed il trattamento dei rifiuti consente l’utilizzo del bene per un periodo di tempo determinato.

Every action leaves a mark that lays the foundation for what will happen. We need to prevent that “good intentions succumb to the weight of mass culture and habits”.

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