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Il Truciolo has meant environmental sensitivity and care for over twenty years.

Thanks to its companies operating in the national territory since 1989, il Truciolo Group is a leader in the field of recovery, transformation and disposal of industrial waste in Como and in the rest of Italy, offering qualified services tailored to meet customer requirements.

The Companies of the group have successfully interpreted the needs of a constantly evolving market, whilst safeguarding the environmental aspects and making recoverable scrap a fully and continuously renewable source.

The group’s activities

The group’s activities offer an all-round service on different levels of needs, relieving production companies and public administrations of any issue related to the recovery of industrial or production waste. The plant, covering a total area of approximately 24,000 square meters, is in possession of the Integrated Environmental Authorisation (A.I.A.) granted by the Lombardy Region.

The motto “from nature to nature” is symbolic of the spirit that has always inspired the organisation which moved Il Truciolo s.r.l. to obtain certification according to the strictest European standards UNI EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.


Quality in the organisation, in cutting-edge media, in highly qualified staff and in service mean global company quality to the benefit of customer satisfaction.

Thanks to a process of constant improvement in the safeguard, safety and protection of the environment that surrounds us, also through periodic ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING conducted by the company, Il Truciolo is an example of a company capable to make the best use of its expertise and specialisation in the management and optimal disposal of waste.

In addition, the production site has been equipped with a photovoltaic solar energy plant able to meet 50% of our energy demand.

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