Bulky waste disposal

Bulky waste can be difficult to manage, both for companies and individuals. In fact, these are objects of large dimensions, furniture, or other objects that cannot be delivered with regular waste and require special transport and treatment. Indeed, the goal of bulky waste disposal is not only to carry away the objects themselves, but also to recover all the recyclable material and to dispose of the various components according to their classification.
Il Truciolo deals with the collection and disposal of all kinds of bulky waste. The company, always very attentive to the environment, separates the different types of materials and disposes of them in the most efficient way and, where possible, provides for the recovery and recycling of raw materials. The non-recyclable components of bulky waste are treated, crushed and refined to produce secondary solid fuel. SSF is a product which ensures a good calorific value and, despite being derived from waste, is free of environmental or health risks.

smaltimento rifiuti ingombranti

The bulky waste disposal process includes the collection, the management of the recyclable fragment and the disposal of the residual fraction of waste. The latter, which cannot be recycled or recovered in any way, is pressed and packaged to reduce its volume and is then landfilled. The company Il Truciolo of Albavilla (CO) autonomously handles all the phases of processing, recycling and disposal of bulky waste assuring efficiency, rapidity and constant attention to the environment. In fact, the goal is to recycle the greatest possible amount of waste, recovering wood, metal and other materials and to treat residues for fuel production. Most types of waste, including bulky waste, thus become a resource and can live again productively. Only a minimal residual part is landfilled and cannot be recovered in any way.

Why choose Il Truciolo for the disposal of bulky waste

Relying on Il Truciolo means relying on a competent and attentive company, with a waste division specifically created for the management, collection and disposal of all types of industrial waste. Our staff is always available for customers in need of assistance on environmental protection, preparation of forms and dealing with bureaucracy related to waste disposal and legal requirements, including those related to the disposal of bulky waste.
Il Truciolo is based in Como, but its operating range also extends to the neighbouring provinces and areas, and not only: thanks to the network of national partners enabling the use of other recovery platforms, Il Truciolo has become a national reference point for the disposal of bulky waste.

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