RDF production

A leading company in waste management

Il Truciolo Group is a Lombard company, which has been sensible to the preservation and protection of the environment for more than twenty years. In fact, it specialises in waste disposal and in the production of secondary fuel obtained from non-hazardous municipal waste, transforming waste material into forms of renewable energy. It also focuses in sectors such as wood recycling and the disposal of industrial waste, metals and biomass. It has also become specialised in the disposal of municipal waste with RDF production, i.e. of refuse-derived fuel.

produzione cdr
Refuse-Derived Fuel

Refuse-derived fuel, known by the acronym RDF, is the final product of a working process that, starting from non-hazardous waste, creates a product that can be used to generate clean and renewable energy.
Once converted into RDF, the materials become a low-cost energy source that can be reused in various sectors. Refuse-derived fuel is mainly composed of materials made from petroleum, such as plastics, rubber or other derivatives. The RDF production process is obtained through the use of specialised plants and follows various stages: crushing, material separation, pressing, magnetic separation, selection and final shredding. It is a very complex procedure that involves the removal of the organic parts and non-combustible materials from waste (aggregates), so as to create a product that can be easily used as fuel. The fuel will then be transported to special facilities where the combustion process will convert the materials into heat and energy.

What is RDF production for?

RDF production, that is, of alternative fuel deriving from non-hazardous waste, is the element that completes the recycling system of waste materials, connected to the diffusion of the waste sorting system in order to recycle anything that can be disposed of. It falls within clean energy programmes, given that – originating from materials derived from products already used – the materials created through RDF are a renewable energy source whose production does not imply the use of substances. The process is carried out by specialised companies such as Il Truciolo Group in special plants which ensure the professionalism of the process that can be used in the procedures of energy production. RDF production makes waste an element not to be discarded, but fundamental, at the purpose of creating and generating renewable and clean energy. With this procedure the quantity of waste is reduced, allowing for a use that is to the benefit of the entire community.

Il Truciolo is an industry leader, operating directly in Como (where the company’s headquarters are located), but also in neighbouring provinces and areas (Varese, Cantù, Lecco, Milan and Monza Brianza), and not only: thanks to the network of national partners enabling the use of other recovery platforms. Il Truciolo has become a national reference point for RDF production.

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