Transportation of non-hazardous waste

Transportation of non-hazardous waste: what is it?

Non-hazardous waste means all waste such as paper, cardboard, wood, metals, plastics, etc. that is not included in the hazard index under the regulations governing its management and treatment.

Il Truciolo provides an efficient non-hazardous waste transportation system, with a fleet of vehicles at its disposal in the provinces of Como (where the company’s headquarters are located), but also in neighbouring provinces and areas (Varese, Cantù, Lecco, Milan and Monza Brianza), and not only: from the simple van to the articulated lorry, Il Truciolo deals with the transport of non-hazardous waste throughout Italy.

trasporto rifiuti non pericolosi

The transportation of non-hazardous waste is carried out in a very simple way: it will suffice to contact the company and, thanks to its notorious reliability, Il Truciolo will organise the service within a very short time, in order to provide for the hasty recovery or disposal of such waste with the least possible use of energy, time and, last but not least, money.

Il Truciolo: leader in the transportation of non-hazardous waste

Il Truciolo is supplied with a considerable number of transport trailers, trucks and road tractors, in order to truly ensure a highly qualified regional coverage and for any type of issue. Our company has been a leader in the sector for almost thirty years, and non-hazardous waste will not pose any problems whatsoever: precisely due to its classification, the risk of transport is really minimal, and whether you are in Como, where the Il Truciolo is headquartered, or in Varese, Lecco, Cantù or Monza, or in more distant locations, an expert will join you and free you from all the waste you no longer know how to deal with. Rely on Il Truciolo, it’s transport system covers the entire Italian territory thanks to an effective network of connections.

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