Waste brokerage

Among the offered services, Il Truciolo Group also deals with waste brokerage. This is an innovative service focused on recovering waste on behalf of others, or on recovering waste and then reusing it as a renewable energy source and hence safeguarding the environment.

Waste brokerage activity is regulated by legislative decree 152 of 2006, subsequently amended by legislative decree 205 of 2010. The former establishes that, in order to carry out this activity, brokers must possess knowledge of the applicable regulations and techniques for the recovery, correct transportation and disposal of waste. It is therefore a particularly important activity whose ultimate goal is to reduce environmental pollution. Pursuant to applicable regulations, waste can have a national or international destination; in this latter case the transport phases are very delicate and can be carried out by rail or container.

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Waste can be a resource and, thanks to cutting-edge technologies adopted in many industrial contexts, it is recycled to produce energy at low cost and without having to use limited natural resources such as oil or other fuels.
Through waste brokerage, Il Truciolo makes its activity available for companies that need energy to carry out their endeavours, i.e. cement plants. In this case it is possible to use non-hazardous municipal solid waste and non-hazardous special industrial waste to obtain fuel for plants producing thermal and electrical energy. The objective is to reduce harmful emissions and the consumption of other fuels: in this way it is also possible to preserve the external environment.

In order to supply fuel, Il Truciolo must first collect and then select waste, separating hazardous waste, eliminating metal scrap that will be recovered for other purposes.

The company operates in the province of Como (where it’s headquarters are located), but also in neighbouring provinces and areas (Varese, Cantù, Lecco, Milan and Monza Brianza), and not only: thanks to the network of national partners enabling the use of other recovery platforms, Il Truciolo has become a national reference point for waste brokerage.

The advantages of waste brokerage

The companies that use this type of fuel on account of the activity of waste brokerage have the advantage of obtaining a ready for use final product and consequently do not need to negotiate and define agreements with other businesses and local authorities for the recovery of waste. In fact, all these activities require a considerable expenditure of resources involving the possession of the appropriate machinery and plants for the processing of sizeable waste. Cement plants are not the only final recipients: brokerage in the waste trade is indeed used also for the recovery of plastic materials, such as water bottles that can be recycled, after appropriate processing, to produce new bottles or for the production of other plastics. The goal is to reduce the dispersion of plastic into water or air and thus protect the eco-system.

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