Wood Division

Wood processing

The ecological sector and the recovery of wood waste have always been our trade.

Our activity mainly focuses on the recovery and transformation of wood waste in raw materials for particle board producers and the preparation of biomass blends compliant with the UNI EN ISO 17225-4 standard, solid biofuels for renewable energy power plants.

Materials suitable for breeding and livestock farms are also recovered from natural wood waste.

Fleet of machines

The company has an advanced fleet of new machines, equipped with a modern satellite tracking system which connects our fleet of vehicles directly to the logistics department, so as to plan the timely execution of orders.

The fleet consists of trucks, extraction systems and trailers suitable for all types of transport, specific vehicles equipped with crawler cranes and additional special mechanical means for the processing recovered materials. Finally, over 600 containers of different sizes are used according to requirements, ready to be made available to customers.


An environment office within the logistics department manages all the regulatory-environmental issues and provides assistance to customer companies. Our technical staff of sector professionals provides constant legislative updating to ensure compliance to regulations, such as filling in the loading and unloading register, the waste identification form during transport (F.I.R.) and the annual report to the waste registry (MUD).

This is how we have established ourselves as competent partners in the research and development of highly specialised solutions for the disposal of wood waste. Correct application of environmental legislation requires an in-depth knowledge of the detailed regulations on the subject, which is developed within the company with frequent refresher courses involving all staff members.

Il Truciolo s.r.l. is formally recognised as a “RILEGNO Platform” (RILEGNO is the Italian National Consortium for the Collection, Recovery and Recycling of Wood Packaging), in agreement with CONAI (the National Packaging Consortium), and is now a consolidated reality.

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