Disposal of wood waste and timber

Il Truciolo group: leader in wood waste disposal

Il Truciolo group is one of the leading Italian companies in the waste disposal and material recycling sectors. It is split into three divisions: metals, plastic products and wood. The disposal of wood waste is one of its most developed activities, not only aimed at the recovery of raw material for the creation of new panels or biomasses, but also at the environmental and ecological respect which the company has at heart. In fact, the disposal of timber means safeguarding the environment. Being able to recycle wood means respecting the trees and significantly reducing the impact of wood waste on the ecosystem.

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Wood disposal: how the timber disposal process is implemented

Wood disposal is part of the recycling system which consists of a set of methods and strategies aimed at recovering and reusing materials derived from waste. This is a key operation for an ever-expanding  society. The materials subject to such transformation are: wood, paper and cardboard, glass, fabrics, aluminium, steel and iron, tires and plastic.

Regarding timber disposal, both the actual disposal of wood waste and its recovery are taken into account. The process must take place in specialised companies such as Il Truciolo, where special machinery allows for the implementation of the required phases. The raw material reaches the facilities and is then sorted in the plants. It is important to consider that there are different types of wood material and that all can be subjected, in one way or another, to the wood disposal process. The first phase of the process involves reducing the volume of pallets, fruit boxes, cases, demolition beams, boards, furniture, reels, tree trimming or other wood materials. Once crushed and reduced to flakes, wood shavings are cleaned, eliminating all iron slags such as nails or other material. The clean residue is further refined by reducing it to even smaller elements. The wood disposal process continues in special ovens, called desiccators, which eliminate the humidity and carbon dioxide present in the wood, and is completed with subsequent packaging based on the use that can be made of it.

Wood disposal: wwhy it is important 

The material deriving from the treatment can be reused by mixing it with resins to form new wood panels, used in the production of furniture, tables, or in the construction industry. Thanks to the drying treatment, parts that are not used for such purposes are divided into bales for energy production.

With transformation into a new raw material, wood waste disposal allows to reduce the environmental impact generated by this material in landfills. In fact, due to the carbon dioxide contained in its fibres, burning wood produces large amounts of methane. On the other hand, once the timber disposal procedure has been completed, it will be possible to reuse the new raw material both for the creation of other materials and for the production of renewable energy.

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